CAL Consulting

About CAL Consulting Group

CAL Consulting Group, LLC, is a Missouri-based company specializing in Employee / Employer relations. Our staff works one on one with employers and their employees to help maximize performance, job satisfaction, and obtain company goals. CAL Consulting Group will deliver practical results to help you move your company forward through obtaining company and employee goals. Let "CAL" (Consulting, Assessment, and Leadership) help you obtain the best performance from your employees.

What We Do

  • Consulting - Guiding companies in creating a successful employee retention program.
  • Assessment - Assessing your workforce; determining their performance level.
  • Leadership - Training executives, managers, and supervisors in leadership skills.
  • Professional Services - Practical, proven techniques -- not just theory!
  • Team Building - Let us help you "grow" a successful employee team.
  • Motivation - motivation seminars for employees and upper management.