CAL Consulting


David C. Furnell, NHA. Member of the CAL Consulting Group, LLC. Mr. Furnell also serves as President and CEO of Bristol Care, Inc., and holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from William Woods University. He currently serves on the board of the Missouri Assisted Living Association. He is a proven effective strategic planner of community-based services who possesses unique insight and vision into current senior housing market needs. Excelling in diversification, Mr. Furnell provides the structured organizational tools to move assisted living to the forefront of healthcare. Twenty years of experience in the development, construction and operation of assisted living communities has made him a leader in promoting awareness and receptivity of assisted living. Currently serving over 60 Missouri communities, Mr. Furnell has successfully established the caring alternative. Actively involved in the federal and state legislative and regulatory process, he strives toward community improvement and progress.

Joyce E Waibel, NHA. Member of the CAL Consulting Group, LLC. Ms. Waibel also serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Bristol Care, Inc., a Missouri based assisted living corporation serving over 60 communities. Ms Waibel is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. With her definition clarity she offers the industry an understanding of how employees perform. She has over 15 years experience in long term care providing a strong emphasis on employee education and relations. Utilizing her executive experience and supervisory skills she has successfully developed comprehensive employee training programs. She excels in statistically measuring and tracking employee success and retention by identifying individual motivating factors. She focuses on the concept that employee training, motivation and education are the key factors in delivering quality care services.