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No More Monkeys Please... I Have Enough of My Own

In today's downsizing business atmosphere, cross-training staff and multitasking have become modern day business practices. It is becoming more and more common for business associates in any field to familiarize themselves with not only their own responsibilities but those of their co-workers as well. Talk about monkeys on your back!

While team-playing is an important part of success, an overburdened team member can cause a major burnout. They've got their own monkeys to deal with and can't do it all. Whether you're the person in charge, an employee, or associate, you must not allow yourself to take on too many responsibilities for fear that your team members won't pull their own weight. The presenters give an in depth look at how you can avoid "task transfers" and employee burnouts, but still maintain a sense of company support and positive morale.

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