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Turn a "Wanna-Be" into a "Mover and Shaker"

Motivation is a major key to success. Some people have it and some people don't. Some could be taught and some people just won't. How many of your employee's are "I Won'ts?" How many are "I Could's?" Not everyone has a staff full of "Mover and Shakers," but have great potential with their "Wanna-Be's." By identifying which employees have potential from those who are there just for the paycheck, you can help to streamline your organizational processes and create an efficient, yet positive workplace environment.

Our presentation will provide attendees with information as to how to assess their employees' work characteristics and motivational preferences. Once determined, these identifying features will help employers recognize the potential or detriment these employees provide to their organization. Attendees will engage in an interactive discussion with the presenters as to how unique issues can be addressed within the workplace.

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